Welcome to our page! At Gwamile Vocational and Commercial Training Institute Matsapha (VOCTIM), we pride ourselves in developing practical skills and competences in an array of vocational programmes on which the socio-economic development of Eswatini depends, as well as provide technical, vocational and commercial know-how for the workforce on which the country, the region and beyond can rely to power and sustain economic and development needs. If you have done our training, you have capacity for a job in the industry, to start your own enterprise, or to do some jobs in your community that will sustain your livelihood. We train people to be doers, and not to be ball watchers – and aspire for a nation where all its citizens will be capable of some ‘skill’- however rudimentary.

In our training, we keep cognizance of the 2030 Agenda for sustainable Development goals, in particular SDGs 4, 7, 8, 9 and 13: on access and quality; on renewable energy; on good jobs and economic growth; on innovation and climate action. To this end, we continually look into ways to improve what we do – even in a challenging economic environment. Curriculum review exercises have been ongoing to bridge the industry and training gap, and to provide for capacity towards newer technologies. We have received new technology equipment for computerized diagnostics in automotive mechanics and will be introducing industrial wiring and programmable logic controls (PLCs) in electronics in the electrical department. We will soon be receiving equipment on air conditioning and refrigeration. The equipment in these areas is state-of-the-art and has been accompanied by short term staff training in the Republic of China on Taiwan on their use, as well as staff local training on their use and maintenance, and curriculum review work. The foregoing work is supported under The TVET Enhancement Project by Taiwan International Cooperation Development Fund (ICDF). The Mechanical Engineering Department has introduced Mechanical and Manufacturing, which has received good rating, and is benefitting from industry input. The demand for building and plumbing has been quite high, while carpentry and joinery has steadily provided the necessary practical know how for roofing and all aspects of carpentry. We also do vehicle body repairs, which also involves paint mixing and painting – and our equipment rates well with equipment in this industry. You need to see what we do so that next time you will bring your car for our attention. Our Commercial Department continues to sharpen trainees on Computerized Accounting, and other aspects of Business Finance to produce business entrepreneurs, bank workers, office workers and office administrators among others. If you run a business, and you need someone to do your books of accounts, even using Pastel – look no further.

We are streamlining our application period to February/March, for beginning of training in August. However, given that our training is hands on, and relies on machinery and equipment; and limited workshops; chances are that intakes may be staggered for some programmes with the result that there may be a year when there is no intake. We will, depending on resources and demand, run short term reskilling or training on selected courses to build capacity to lay block work, to wire a house, to weld among others. These will be open to all – and we invite those who have not used their hands to build, fix, or construct anything before to join us. If you have a degree or two, follow the example of Germany. Train in some vocation, to build what in Zimbabwe they call “Psychomotor Skills” for survival. VOCTIM short term training will change you.