Former students of Gwamile Vocational and Commercial Training Institute Matsapha (VOCTIM) have been urged to form an alumni so as to help the institution’s learners. The college administration has sent out a call for former students to come together and join an alumni association in order to help other former and current students. The call was made in a press release statement inviting former students to a meeting slated for 14 October 2017, where they would be forming VOCTIM’s first alumni.

By joining the association, the institution’s former students could share their experience and make a real difference to current students in many positive ways. The alumni association is aimed at anyone who studied a course at Gwamile VOCTIM since its opening in 1987.

By joining the association, former students would have access to a range of benefits and services including access to career advice and support, events and an alumni directory to help them reconnect with old college friends. The network would also provide a platform for former students to support the college and inspire current students through guest speaking opportunities, career talks or providing work experience placements.

“We believe in supporting our students even after they leave the institution, which is why we have put together a comprehensive package of services to help our former students continue to develop their careers and their skills,” the Vice Principal stated.

Gwamile VOCTIM is proud of the achievements of its former students, some of whom have been successful in their chosen fields.

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